Friday, May 25, 2007

Anyone like to weed?

We went all out and planted strawberries this year. In addition to our usual tomatoes and cucumbers. And half-heartedly onions, watermelon, carrots, basil, and tomatillos, just to see what happens.

But I'm seriously taking care of the strawberries. We ordered them through the mail, 20 bareroot plants for less than $10. I'm amazed you can get them through the mail and enjoy fresh strawberries, but we actually ate our first one the other day, and the second one is red already. And supposedly it only gets better after the first year.

Grocho to the max

Gotta love cheap trickets.

"The beach got me!"

We finally made it to the beach on sunday. (Yes, I'm a lazy blogger and am just now getting around to documenting it.) We had a great time, although it was the windest day ever at the beach and we took home all kinds of sand.

Olivia made up a new game where she ran up to the waves when they went down and did a mocking dance and yelled in a sing-song voice, "you can't get me..." and when they came back up again ran away from them. We all played along with her, even Noah. Noah ran away with passion when the waves got close to him.

On the way home, with McFlurries in hand, Noah was still talking about how "the beach got me, mommy!"

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Supposed-to-be-a-beach-day Project

I'm still a little sad we're not at the beach right now. But we're trying to salvage the day with fun activities.

Olivia wanted to make a quilt. She recently made one at school when learning about the letter Q and we used the same technique of glueing fabric on paper. Yep, I'm the cool mom that let her pick out her old, stained t-shirt and cut them up. I think it turned out pretty cool. And I'm just happy it didn't involved the sewing machine.

It was supposed to be a beach day

I know I should take advantage of the days I have with the kids when we have absolutely nothing to do. Before long there will be school and activities and friends that will keep our schedule full. Today we planned to go to the beach since it's been so warm. Unfortunately, we woke up to a cold and overcast day. Instead, we started the day with homemade hot cocoa and whole wheat pancakes. Then we racked our brains trying to think of what to do. The library? Happy Hallow? Nothing seemed right, so the kids spent some time in their jammies playing in our bed. After all that, it's 10am, with nothing to do the rest of the day. We might end up freezing our butts off at the beach if we can't think of anything else.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

It's officially summer

We can now begin the lazy days of summer in California. We broke out the pool...

Olivia's friend taught some tricks to Olivia and Noah on the play structure.

And the best part, eating ice cream with chocolate syrup at night after bath while watching a movie.