Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Olivia is going to be a Who

Who is Olivia going to be? A who. Who's on first? Sorry. I mean, Olivia is going to be a Who Child. Like in Dr. Suess literature.

Olivia's school is putting on Suessical the Musical this year as their big spring production. There are auditions for the big parts, but everyone gets to be in it even if they don't want to audition. The kindergarteners and first graders have their own scene right before the play begins so they get to partipate without being delegated to background props throughout the play. They will be singing and dancing in a little scene about using your imagination that sets up the premise of the play.

I went to the meeting, got the info, and am going to sign Olivia up. I am excited as I think she will really enjoy the experience. She seems midly interested, but I'm hoping as the rehersals begin she'll get more into it.

Like everything else, of course the biggest commitment seems to be for the parents. There is a fee (not bad for what she's getting out of it) and of course staying with her after school on rehersal days (which is hardest on Noah as it's always around nap time) and also I'm responsible for her make-up and costume.

The Who Children are asked to wear yellow and white with maye some red or orange accents of big, bold prints. This is just begging to be an excuse for a trip to the thrift store. It doesn't take much for me. And look what I found for a total of $1.50. Orange leggings with a yellow and white striped skirt. If it fits, it can't be more perfect. Considering Olivia is a little pip squeak, I think it will fit. And if it's too big I can take it in or pin it.

I'm so ahead of the game. I thought I might even knit her something bright yellow for the top like a simple wrap sweater or a hat or headband. I really hope she enjoys this because she is going to be the cutest little Who Child around.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Another first

Not only is my little baby girl in kindergarten having playdates and such, but tonight she took her first shower. I thought she'd be too scared to attempt this based on her reaction to putting her head under the water in a swimming pool, but I was very wrong. She really enjoyed it and insists on doing it every night now.

I couldn't believe her standing there washing her hair in the shower like a big girl. She is obviously not listening to me the bazillion times a day I'm telling her to quit growing up. What's she going to do next, loose a tooth? Wah!

Still napping

Olivia had all but given up naps by the time she was 3-years-old. That is why it is a pleasant surprise that Noah still takes one almost every day. Here is what happens when he doesn't get his afternoon nap. Good thing we have bench seating at our dinner table or it would be a lot less comfortable to fall asleep at dinner.

While apparently very comfortable, upholstered benches aren't the brightest idea for toddlers based on the multiple stains, are they?

Friday, October 19, 2007

Decorating the Jessica way

Occasionally I make a few Thai dishes that require buying lemongrass from the local Asian grocery store. Awhile back I remember hearing Martha Stewart say that you can plant used lemongrass and grow it. My first attempt putting it in the ground did not work at all. But persistance pays off. The second time I put it in a cup of water inside and it rooted! It's amazing that after being picked it can sit in the store, then in my home, I cut it and use it all but an inch of the base, it sits around some more, then I stick in it a cup of water and it starts growing! Wow!

After the roots established pretty well in water I planted it in some planting soil. I'm afraid it's too close to winter for it to survive outside, so I decided to keep it inside through the winter. Can't beat the price of using food scraps as houseplants.

If it survives, I'll plant it in the ground in the spring and be able to have free lemongrass to use next summer in my Coconut Soup. I don't think it looks half bad.

And to add to my thrifiness, I got the stand from craigslist for $10. I think it goes well with the style of my "houseplant." Oh yeah, and the Ansel Adams print in the background is from craigslist too. Gotta love a good bargain.

The bandana ghost is a craft courtesy of Grandma L's last visit. I can't take all the decorating credit. ;)

Just a cute Olivia story

Last night at small group at church Olivia was sitting with us, and like her mother, had to say something at every chance she got.

First, one of the college students was sharing about a lecture she attended that made her feel very uncomfortable and upset. Olivia starting tell her, "Before I went to kindergarten I was really scared. But I went and now I like it!" Sitting there was my 5-year-old daughter sharing her experiences with a college student in order to comfort and encourage her!

I was trying not to laugh at my little girl acting so big and was so proud of her too! She's just going on about the situation, "You really never know until you try..." What a little cut-up!

A little later in the conversation something must have came up about the bible. (That tends to happen at church.) Olivia is still sitting with us and cutting with scissors doing some craft, and glanced up at us from what she was doing briefly and says as natural as can be that she is part of the conversation, "Guys, you know that the bible is not just a book. It's the Word of God."

Man, my little girl had us all rolling tonight. I could not stop laughing, I'm not sure why. Maybe because she looks so little, but acts so big. Maybe because the way she acts and things she says to get everyone's attention remind me so much of myself. For whatever reason, I had a case of the giggles I could not control last night, and I'm very grateful to have my little girl!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Craft de Jour

Other than painting, the kids haven't had much of a creative outlet lately. But this weekend with Travis gone, and Olivia's stomach bug forcing us stay in all day Sunday, we had to do something. Luckily I had just scored a paper-making kit from Goodwill for $3, a great deal compared to what they sell them for at Michaels.

And what can be more fun than ripping up paper and throwing it in the blender?

Then you put it in the mold. This particular color combination looked a bit too much like the aforementioned vomit. Ug.

Aren't they working together well squeezing the excess water out of the mold? Not really any big messes or anything, which is miraculous in itself.

Now our 4 pieces are drying in the sun. I think this pink/red one turned out the best. Perfect for gift bag tags and such.

Overall, it was fun, and I think we'll try it again. A few things of note...
The more you blend and add things, it just looks more grey. Less is more. I had visions of using old Trader Joes brown paper bags to make cute, rustic, brown paper. But apparently that will take more practice.

Also, this is not something you do because you want to reduce waste because you end up throwing away more paper towels than the amount of reused paper. I guess to be truly "green" in this pursuit you'd have to use lots of clean clothe towels instead. But for saving money on the fancy papers at Michaels, I believe it's a success. We will be experimenting with glitter, flower petals, and other add-ins eventually.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The bouncy, I mean, pumpkin patch

What's Autumn without a huge inflatable shark to slide out of his mouth?

Ah well, if it wasn't for seasonable bouncy houses in vacant lots that cost an arm and a leg and are extremely visible from every route to our house, I would probably never get pictures of the kids holding pumpkins. So I should be thankful for them, right?

Happy (belated) birthday, my love

I'm a little late wishing my little man a happy birthday. It couldn't have anything to do with the fact that I'm in denial that he's not my little baby anymore, could it? Nah.

This year saw so many changes in my little man. I could list them all, but instead I'm going to focus on the things that are still the same, like the way he cuddles up to me when he needs some comfort or the way he follows his big sissy around in admiration. We all couldn't imagine life without you, precious guy.

He had a great birthday party. Grandma L was here to share it which always makes it that much more special. We rented a bouncy house for the first time. Which was all he could talk about. That is, when he wasn't talking about putting his candles on his "party," which he somehow got mistaken for the word cake. What's a party without a cake anyway?

And he's now well versed in receiving presents. When Olivia tries to play with his toys, he can firmly tell her, "No sissy, that is my toy I got at my party."

Ah well, I feel like I have two big kids now, let the fun begin!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Noah's version

Noah has been singing the song from the It's a Small World ride at Disney world. Except his version goes like...

"It's a small world astronaut, it's a small world astronaut."

Hee hee, if you know how the song really goes, it's pretty close in a 3yo boy's mind. :)