Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Today we played in the front yard twice, painted, and went to the park. If there was a day that Noah needed a bath, it was today. Of course, today was the day he decided to protest it by hiding in the closet. The hallway closet with sliding doors. Did I mention the doors to this particular closet is supposed to slide, not swing?

Be afraid, be very afraid

Noah has the garden hose. But could anything bad happen with a face like this?

Let me figure out how to work this thing...

No one move or Funshine Bear gets the soaking of his life.

Alright, alright, I'll help mommy water the flowers, the one flower in the whole yard that doesn't really need water and attracts the most bees, that is.

Somehow we all survived the morning.


I'm not usually big on roses, but each year this rose bush in our front yard amazes me. Whatever kind it is must be pretty hardy, because you might notice that my pruning is atrocious. I'm just nervous to do anything bad to it.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Easter presents

Yes, I'm really behind on blogging. Better late than never, right?

For Easter we wanted to get kids new scooters, but we couldn't find similar ones in appropriate themes. So daddy went for roller skates, Dora for Olivia and Spiderman for Noah. I'm not sure they'll be quite as popular, but they sure are cute wearing them. Well, all I could get on Noah was the pads, but he's still cute.

They also got a magnetic fishing toy. Olivia created a new sport known as roller fishing. Or fishing derby?

Nobody knows the trouble I've seen

Ah, the tragic life of a 5 year old girl. We stick her in the bookcase with only her harmonic to comfort her.

Fun with balloons

The kids realized that if they rub a balloon on themselves, it will then stay there with no assistance. The possibilities are endless!

Of course the balloons kept popping and daddy kept having to blow up new ones. I conveinently don't know where we keep the balloons so I can tell the kids that when daddy is not home.

Monday, April 09, 2007

My little, brave girl

Olivia had her 5 year appointment today. Yes, she turned 5 in November, I'm a little late. She needed 3 shots for kindergarten. She sat there and watched them one after another being SO brave. It is the first time she did not cry about getting shots. That is, until we started going home. I think it all started sinking in and she can only be brave for so long. Still, I'm very proud of her.

The stats are about the same. She's still my little pip-squeak. Her weight percentage is 10%, 35 lbs. To make her even more skinny, her height percentage is higher, 25%. But her height is the best part, 42.5", just tall enough to ride a whole new group of rides that require 42"! Santa Cruz boardwalk, here we come!


Wow, this might have been the longest time I've gone without blogging. Blame the visits from one side of the family after another. I've barely seen Olivia with all the grandma love that has been going around. It's been a pajama party every night.

But, everyone is gone, there is no school this week, and things are back to the same old hum drum around here. So, I'll try to get on the camera and blog away...