Sunday, September 13, 2009

Noah's first day

I was more nervous for Noah's first day of school this year than Olivia's because I just never know how he's going to do. He seemed excited about it, but with a new teacher and new room and new kids, it could go either way. I'm happy to report it couldn't have gone better!

But, first, some support from his family the morning of the big day. It was the first time he's gone to school in the morning, something we'll both have to get used to. Oddly his schedule is mixed though, two mornings and one afternoon. I can live with that.

He practically ran into the room and started chatting up his teacher right away. He had something to add during every part of the day, circle time, etc. The snack was fruit kabobs he enjoyed helping to make himself.

Although I stayed the whole time, he was ok leaving me to go outside to play while we had discussion time with the teacher. Overall, I couldn't be happier. I'm still nervous about the first time I leave him there for the whole time. This will happen on thursday when I work in Olivia's classroom, so daddy will have to take Noah to school. I'm going to assume he'll do great, and wish for the best!

It is just not fair my kids are getting so big and grown up!