Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Big Event

Or in other words, We Are Really Into Themes.

Olivia's 7th birthday party is based on one particular book, Nate the Great Talks Turkey with Help from Olivia Sharp. Nate is an 10-year-old detective. But today he was an 34-year-old software engineer trying to solve the case of how to entertain 26 kids on 1/7th of an acre with less than 1000sq ft to work with.

Nate the Great somtimes needs help on his cases from his "cousin" Olivia Sharp, the very posh San Fransician detective with a personal chauffeur. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, don't worry, neither did half of our party guests.)

Here is your first clue.

I think my guys really pulled it off rather well.

The first thing you must know about being a good detective is that eating pancakes is essential to solving the case.

The next best thing to talking turkey is eating one. That is why the cupcakes are attempting to replicate them with candy corn and Hersey kisses.

Well, everything can't go exactly according to theme. Sometimes you just need a bouncy house.

We all had a blast and a great day, there were tears and spills and falls, but it's all part of pulling off a killer birthday party in the land of 1st grade.

And when it's all over

it's not all over. Birthdays are the gifts that just keep giving.

After the party ended our neighbors felt no need to go home and why only use candles once? They always go better on the second cupcakes of the day...

But there is a limit to all the fun and finally Olivia needs some downtime with her new Hello Kitty throw and Webkinz Red-Eyed Tree Frog that "she's always wanted."

But this is not how the day ends. Poor Travis is in the other room attempting to play Clue Jr with Olivia and Noah while I'm blogging with a glass of wine. How do I get away with this stuff?

Hangin with my homies in my birthday crown

with one shoe on. Has a good beat and you can dance to it, huh?

This was supposed to be my Happy Birthday Olivia post, but the picture just screamed rap song, sorry.

I'll attach the sap to the end, my baby girl is now 7 years old. Wah. I cannot believe she is halfway to 14, that's like high school. Impossible. A big 1st grader. That baby kindergarten stuff is so last year. But birthday crowns are fun enough that I can cling to the fact she's still my little girl, right?