Friday, July 28, 2006

Dr. Jiggle and Mr. Slide

There is something about this particular Veggie Tales that gets my kids moving. Sorry it is so long, but I thought it was hilarious the way Noah practically ordered daddy to make the music start again. And how they instantaneously started dancing once the music did start. Other cute Noah-isms to look for are "Mo Peeeees" (More Please,) "Mon" (Come on,) and "Ta-da!"

Thursday, July 27, 2006

You gotta love a man

who is willing to do this.

Check out how much Noah is digging it. And have a ever mentioned that he will not wear a floppy hat for the life of him? But he sure will wear one with a brim like his daddy! If he sees daddy in his hat he start pointing to his head until we find his. Maybe he's not such a mama's boy.

Georgia vacation

I was horrible about not taking pictures on our trip to Georgia. Ooops. It was a great time though.

The one thing we managed to get pictures of was our visit to Stone Mountain. Stone Moutain is this... well the name is pretty self-explanitory.

Here the is the train we rode around the "mountain" on. Or was this an antique one sitting out for display? Man, not only can I not take pictures but I can hardly remember anything about it at all.

And here is everyone on the train. Olivia, with her goofy smile, is sitting between Travis' mom and dad. His sister is pictured on the left. Everyone is looking pretty good for a day that topped 100, huh?

Noah had a blast on the train and entertained everyone whenever a song came on with his silly dancing.

Mushy, gooshy, sticky love entry

Today Olivia and I were saying how much we love each other. (Inspired by the book Guess How Much I Love You, which you might like if you like this blog entry.) Here are some of my favorites that she came up with all on her own:

- "I love you as long as the summer is."

- "I love you as much as I like spaghetti."

- "I love you as much as I am silly."

- "I love you as much as Noah is trouble."

I couldn't beat the last two. The 2nd one was easy though, I replied, "I love you as much as I love chocolate." :->

She kept saying which one of us was winning though and I had to explain to her that love isn't exactly a competition, it's just nice to be loved. Do you think she picked something up from daddy and me? Maybe once I was saying something about how much I love him to water this stinkin' yard in 100 degree heat!

Wild Tomato Plants

We found these growing by our house where we've never planted tomatos. There was a bunch of ivy growing here when we first moved in that Travis was trying to look at and it basically just all pulled right out very easily. We haven't done anything with the area since. But I guess someone had a garden there at one point, because I planted one little flower plant and started watering it and a bunch of tomato plants popped up.

Who knew growing vegtables was so easy?

The band-aid

You might notice a band-aid on Olivia's arm jumping out at you in the picture below. You should have seen it before the larger one next to it fell off. She got a paper thin scratch over a week ago from something on her scooter. It was barely a little red from blood, but it was LONG. The two band-aids didn't even cover it.

The problem is, Olivia refuses to let anyone take her band-aids off, she insists on waiting until they fall off on their own. You can imagine how disgusting they get, especially after a week that included two trips to the beach. On the one week anniversary of these particular band-aids we sent her off to sunday school with the larger one barely hanging off her arm and she returned with medical tape holding it back on. What!?!?! I know her teacher probably did it with good intentions, but doesn't she realize that we were anxiously awaiting it to fall off on it's own?

By the end of the day it was still barely hanging in there, but Olivia went into hysterics at the mention of us taking it off. I would ask her about it occasionally with no luck. Finally I asked her if she wanted to give it a little tug on her own, maybe she could do it without it hurting, and to my surprise, she did!

So now we're just waiting for the other one. It's been 11 days and it's still quite fixed on there. Yikes.

Today's project

Olivia was inspired to make an airplane out of boxes. She is sitting in the cockpit, the shoe box she is holding is the sterring wheel, and it's lid behind her is the tail. The wings are the Ziplock boxes, Noah is sitting on one. I tied it all together with purple yarn.

Man, these things are getting harder and harder to negociate my way through with these two. But we spent the afternoon flying to Mexico, who can beat that?

To all you in the Date Police out there

This is for those of you who were scandalized that Travis and I have only been out alone twice since Noah has been born...

We got our 3rd time when we were in Atlanta. We went out for a leisurely Mexican meal, complete with margaritas on the rocks that I had been craving since getting pregnant with Noah. To celebrate being in Atlanta we got peach flavored ones, but I was disappointed that they didn't have the salt around the rims. Oh well.

To top off the evening we shopped at WalMart. Quite a treat since we don't have one near us in California. Not the most romantic shopping venue, but fun for us. We got some ice cream to bring back to the rest of the family.

There, are you happy now? :-P

I'm back

The heat finally has broken. It didn't get above 90 degrees in our house yesterday, and it was nice and cool last night, no problem sleeping. Whew.

So, I'll try to do some blogging now. :->

Monday, July 17, 2006

Excuses, excuses, excuses

I had this whole entry planned about why I haven't blogged in forever, but I don't even have the energy for that. It's 93 degrees in the house right now at 2:15pm. Whew.

But I promise I haven't forgotten about my blog. I will eventually get some pictures and stories from our Atlanta trip up. Also, a VBS update, which is what I'm occupied with this week. And also maybe something about Olivia's first dance class we'll be going to a little later today. In an air conditioned building, I hope!

Ok, I got my excuses in anyway. :-P

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Fresh tomatos! Is there anything better? Olivia is great at finding the ripe ones. Even Noah was caught picking some green ones off daddy's enormous tomato plants. Ooops.