Thursday, October 23, 2008

Signs of Halloween

It was my turn today to bring the kid's snack at Noah's pre-school. They suggest something that the kids can add some kind of spread and topping to. In the spirit of fall and Halloween, I made buttermilk biscuits that the kids could decorate as pumpkins using pumpkin butter, blueberries, raisins, and dried snap peas for the stem. I don't know if they came out perfect, or even if the kids enjoyed them that much, but Noah and I had fun rolling the dough and making the biscuits together this morning.

As we were working on them, I looked out the kitchen door to the outside patio and saw this...

A black cat sitting on our neighbor's roof. Halloween indeed!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Noah's first field trip

Noah's first year of pre-school is going very well. And I'm not just saying that because now on tuesdays from 12:30-2:30 both kids are in school and I'm free as a bird for those two precious hours a week. But enough about me.

Noah seems to be having a great time in school and I really like his teacher and the other families and kids in his class. He is even using the potty very well there although he is very concerned with privacy and will move walls to get it, literally. But that is another humorous story.

Yesterday he had his first field trip with his school, a local pumpkin patch. It was a fun time even though it wasn't one with tons of bouncy houses like he would have preferred. But they did have a petting zoo with goats, a baby pig, bunnies, and chicks. He tentatively pet the smallest of those, and didn't freak out too much about the larger ones. :)

And there was a lot of other fun things to check out too.

But the highlight of the field trip was getting to paint his own little pumpkin.

And ride a hay "horse."

Olivia even came to join us when her school came out and enjoyed the fun.

My two babies are now big kids in school. It's just not fair. Wah!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Finally, birthday party pics

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures from Noah's birthday party. I cannot believe my little baby boy is 4 years old. Wah.

He had a dinosaur party with about 5 friends and it was a lot of fun. I found candles that were in the shape of dinosaurs and wrote, "Happy Birthday NOAH-saraus" on his cake.

We even found a dinosaur pinata which took forever to break open, but the kids enjoyed trying a little too much.

Noah going through his look of tootsie rolls, tootsie pops, and dinosaur figures from the pinata.

Olivia enjoyed the decapitated head of the pinata.

Overall a fun day, the ones I hope we remember for a long, long time.

Twin Day

Today was twin day and Olivia's school and her friend and her decided to go all black. Black Suessical shirts from the play last year, play skirts, and black shoes. Her mother and I asked them if they'd like to do their hair the same too and they both said they both prefer to wear their hair down. What big girls!

I think even their purple and pink sweatshirts make them look cute together.

A bunch of the boys were wearing their Suessical shirts with blue jeans. Olivia's teacher was wearing blue jeans with a white t-shirt which a bunch of other kids matched to. They all looked so great all coordinated together. 1st grade is so much fun! I hope they are learning a thing or two also...

What to give an engineer

More like what to give a child of two engineers. Oh man, I love this toy. Noah and I are having a ball making up different configurations. I'm particularly proud of this one. The marbles roll down each and every run. All 10 of them. So rewarding. Is it pitiful I'm a little too much into this?

It's probably no coincidence that Noah received this toy from a friend whose parents also graduated from Georgia Tech. Hmmmmmm.