Monday, August 24, 2009

Second grade

My little baby girl is in second grade! I'm not sure if I should admit the day came with more relief it's finally starting than weepiness for me. She is in a "loop" where she has the same teacher, classroom, and classmates as last year. She had a great year last year so I'm sure she will this year as well and we were all looking forward to it starting, especially me. Noah and I dropped her off, bought our Scrip, and had a leisurely trip to Safeway and now I'm blogging. Definitely not a morning I would be having during summer vacation.

But one big new addition to the classroom this year was individual desks. What big kids! Olivia seems happy to see it with her name on it and her own box of supplies ready to go. Here she is seated next to the girl with the desk next to her. Aren't they cute with their various stages of baby versus big teeth?

Noah was with me wishing her well and had to get in on the picture taking. I can't believe this time next year he will be starting his first day of kindergarten!

And here is Olivia showing off her own box of supplies from her desk with her name and everything, and Noah cutting it up in the background...

Ah, 3.5 more blessed hours of school today to get stuff done with my little man while Olivia is enjoying friends, fun, and maybe even some education.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Olivia's Office

Olivia's bedroom is already the largest in the house, but I guess she needed more space of her own. The need for privacy is going to get really bad when baby #3 gets here.

If you can't see the sign, it says, "Olivia's Offece Do Not Enter." Of course Noah wanted his own office too then. But he wanted to set it up in Olivia's room. Olivia had to explain he couldn't keep her out of it then. So he decided that no one else *other* than Olivia could come in his office. Monkey see monkey do.

Summertime fun

Here is what Olivia and her friends decided to create one lazy summer day. A play dough solar system. Complete with rings, moons, stars, suns and all kind of accurate space stuff. I was pretty impressed they had the initiative to do this on their own. Travis printed some stuff from the Internet about the planets for them and they were off.

Who needs school? Other that mommies that is!