Monday, September 10, 2007

Pretty in Pink

It's extremely hard to be a masculine 2-year-old when you have a big sister with such tempting, gooey, pink lip glosses.

Olivia is trying to show Noah that he has his technique all wrong. Noah, you must rub your lips together gently, gently is the key.

P. S. In the first picture you can see our half-painted wall. It's now an all-painted wall!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Play dough Mom

Yep, that's me! Last spring when looking over the list of potential class jobs, I picked the 3 that looked the easiest for my requests. Fortunately, I got one of them, but still a fun one, play dough mom. Armed today after school with my recipes and Noah taking a nap, Olivia and I went to work. We made 3 batches, 6 different colors, of play dough. I'm not sure if it's enough for a class of 20 kids, but I'm entirely out of cream of tarter. I'm going to have to find where I can buy it in bulk, as well as cheap salt and flour. Hopefully this batch will last at least a month or so, not all the kids will be playing with it at once during free time, right? Then I've heard other moms make it in colors coordinating with the season each month or so. Sounds good to me. I colored this with food coloring, but I'm going to experiment with cake dye and kool-aid. I've never made homemade play dough before, but I think it turned out pretty well. Not a life-altering classroom job, but I can get into it. :)

Olivia update: She had her first full-day today. She seemed to be doing well when I picked her up. She ate a good bit of what I packed her and she was in good spirits, so it seems a successful first lunch at school. Tomorrow she even has her first play date with a school friend after school! And maybe it will be my first time having Noah nap while Olivia is in school, wouldn't that be nice?