Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Olivia performed in her school talent show today. The girl loves the stage. I actually tried to purposely not mention to her that she could try out. I mean, if she does everything as a kindergartener, what fun will 1st grade be? But her teacher happened to bring it up the day before try-outs and so of course I cannot say no to Olivia. And by try-outs I mean, show the coordinator your thing and get lots of encouraging comments. Her hippy school doesn't turn people down when it comes to participating.

But at least we did decide on a more low-key event like a magic trick versus the violin. There is always next year for that. And of course I am so glad I let her be in it, and I think she did really well for a 6-year-old. Travis and I were only bursting with pride a teeny-tiny bit. But not all the ooohs and aaahs in the audience were from us, really, other people liked it too.

Don't blink or you'll miss it!

She kept forgetting to bow when she was done, but at least she did the magic trick pretty well!

School Spirit

Yesterday was Wacky Tacky Tuesday at Olivia's school. You can tell from the picture the meaning. It was my workday in the classroom and I got waaaaay into school spirit week.

Olivia and I have too much fun picking out clashing outfits. I'm enjoying it while it lasts before she won't let me have anything to do with giving input into her clothes and tells me my opinion is so "out of it." I wonder how long that will be.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

It's official

Olivia knows how to read. It actually seemed to happen pretty fast. It's amazing to me that she entered kindergarten without even really knowing letter sounds, and now she can read just about anything, and easily and quickly enough to follow a book and understand it and be interested. And the best part for me is that it was all without lots of painful pressure from mom.

Nothing like curling up with a good book, and now Olivia knows all about that! I'm so happy for her and the whole new world that is open to her now!

Leaning Sunflower of Pisa

Lesson learned, sunflowers need full sun. Can you guess which direction the afternoon sun is?