Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Olivia's hippy school celebrated Christmas

I might have to stop calling Olivia's school hippy and even start start calling it traditional. The last day of school before the holidays all the kids got to wear their jammies to school. That isn't traditional? I don't know, but the kids sure love it and they are adorable. They invited the parents a bit early to pick the kids up from school and we all shared hot cocoa and watched the kids sing us Christmas songs. Man, I love Olivia's so-called hippy school! (Just ignore that they don't get grades and call their teachers by their first names.)

Olivia and the pink pajama girls serenading us with Frosty the Snowman.

Olivia getting her hot cocoa with candy cane and marshmallows and gingerbread man cookie. Yes, Olivia's hippy school has a nutritious food policy, but they are allowed to break it a few times a year. When they break it, they really break it.

They even let Noah join in the fun and he is always up for some treats.

I hope everyone has been enjoying the simple pleasures of the holidays!

I think he likes it

Aunt Jennifer's Christmas package came with two unwrapped, stuffed snowpeople. Noah seemed to like his very much. Thanks Aunt Jen!

Happy Winter Solace

No, it's not some hippy holiday I'm now celebrating. For some reason this year Olivia and I have been talking about the first day of winter and when it happens. And I've been watching each day out our backdoor a volunteer sunflower plant about to bloom. And have been amazed these two events happened simultaneously.

I'd like to be able to give credit to our wonderful California weather, but we've had our cold spell with freezing temperatures. I think this has more to do with some mutant strain of sunflower that can handle every and all temperatures.

Whatever the cause, it's enjoyable in quite a curious way.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Olivia got to perform in the Nutcracker this year. Before you are too impressed, it wasn't some big fancy professional version or anything. It was with the city recreation department. They had classes for all different age groups to be the different parts. Olivia was in the youngest class and got to be a Garland Girl. She took a class once a week to learn her part and had a week of rehearsals and just finished the performance weekend where she was in 3 of the performances. The cast did a really good job and it was a lot of fun to watch.

Here is Olivia waiting backstage to go on. This was the middle of the 3 shows and I was working backstage.

Here she is sitting on the floor and the closest I could come to getting her to do a pretty ballerina pose. Her dress is pure fluffiness.

Olivia and her two friends from school who were Sugar Plum Fairies. I think I will be able to get Olivia to work hard in ballet classes all year just to be able to be a Fairy in the production next year if I want. :)

It is physically impossible to get a good picture from the audience without being able to use the flash, but here is an idea of the cute flower garlands the Garland Girls got to dance around with. I *think* Olivia is on the far right.

The whole thing was a lot of fun, but had me really torn as to whether to encourage her to continue with dance classes or other things. It's not something she's extremely passionate about, although she does enjoy it. One part of me thinks we should keep trying different things in case there is that one thing she can't live without doing we might find; but then again if she keeps taking dance classes it is good experience for all kinds of performing or even sports like cheerleading and the school plays she might do some day. So I think that another dance class will at least be on the schedule for this winter. :)

Christmas in the Park

Last week Noah's preschool class had another field trip. I pulled out Olivia from school a bit early so she could join us again. We went to Christmas in the Park in beautiful downtown San Jose.

We rode the light rail to get there. The kids had a hard time staying at a safe distance while waiting for it.

Once there we enjoyed looking at all the decorations.

One of the biggest attractions was the train.

Fun for all. And the kids didn't run me too ragged at all. :)